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January 16, 2018

Home Remedies For Nails

home remedies for nails

personal care is important for women

Personal care is important for women getting a manicure may seem like a fashionable trend,but its helps maintain personal hygiene don’t you agree that the way you maintain your hands is a sure tell-tale of the level of your personal hygiene and overall health, manicure nails say a lot about a person now you may be thinking,since you can’t grow out your nails,you can’t do much with them apart from the basic round,well i am here to tell you that it is not so! here are some tips for those of you who suffer from nail breaking,try this home remedy.

(1) Olive-oil – Round Shaped Nails
(2) Coconut – Oil -Oval Shaped Nails
(3) Orange juice – Square Shaped Nails
(4) Lemon Oil – Squalor Shaped Nails
(5) Horsetails – Almond Shaped Nails
(6) Biotin – Stiletto Shaped Nails
(7) Slat – Ballerina Shaped Nails

Applying neat,if you happens to paint outside the line,you can always clean up your mistakes.
(1) remove old polish from your nails
(2) trim,file, and smooth your nails
(3) soak your hands in warm water
(4) push back your cuticles
(5) moisturize you cuticles skin
(6) remove oil and grease from your nails
(7) apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly around each nails before painting your nails
(8) Apply a base coat to each nail and wait for it to dry
(9) apply the first thin coat of polish in three stokes and allow it to dry
(10) apply a second and/or third thin coat of polish in three strokes and let it dry
(11) apply an Evan layer of top coat to each nail and wait for it to dry
(12) use a cotton-bud to remove the petroleum jelly from around each nail
(13) clean up excess polish with on old makeup brush and nail polish remover.
well maintained nails at home follow these steps to explore your manicure nails.

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